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Located at Zhangwu Economic Development Area, Fuxin, Liaoning Province, Liaoning Puyuan Metal Material Co. Ltd (Puyuan for short) is a metal processing company with main business of casting and calendering copper alloys, nickel base alloy, and chromium zirconium copper.


With more than 40 years experiences of casting quality management, Puyuan has the capability of developing and manufacturing various parts in high-end equipment manufacturing industries. The alternative materials are copper alloys, stainless steel, dual-phase steel, monel, and others. According to customer demands, Puyuan can cast various parts from raw materials to finished products.


Puyuan manufactures chromium zirconium copper, implementing the entire process of raw material melting, calendaring, machining, and finally finished products. The international standards are adopted for the quality of the alloy that has high level of quality and excellent performance and be widely sold in domestic applied industries. Chromium zirconium copper can be manufactured and formed in shapes on the basis of customer demands. 


Following the guideline of the policy “high quality driving development”, Puyuan provides high quality products and satisfied services to customers, and welcomes both new and old customers patronage.